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Þ    $400.00 PER DAY. (You deicide how many days, average student takes two days)


Þ   ONE ON ONE TRAINNING. (one student, one live model and one instructor). We are the only school that still does one-on-one training.


Þ   EVERY SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AND MONDAY. (These days are set aside from our busy salon just for your training). They are also days that are less likely to interfere with most peoples busy life styles.


Þ   WE SUPPLY THE LIVE MODELS.  (Due to our great reputation as a school, that has students that do excellent work, we have no trouble providing models).


Þ   3-VIDEO LIBRARY PLUS THE 50 PAGE BOOK. Purchase of education material will reserve your scheduled dates for class. To be reviewed before attending hands on class. Supplies may be purchased at time of training.

We are one of the few schools that will teach you how to do:

Þ   E-Z Touch Manual Hand method
Þ   Coil Machine (tattoo machine)
Þ   Rotary Machine (pen style machine)
Þ   Color Removal and correction
Þ   Eyelash Perms and Tints

We will teach you to be a
permanent makeup artist”
not just a technician.



DAY 1:

Þ    ONE HOUR:  (review your home study program)

Þ    THREE HOURS: You will do a complete brow procedure on a live model, (This will include shaping, design, color selection, mixing custom colors, and technique).

Þ    ONE HOURS: (Review and discuss your procedure)

Þ    THREE HOURS: (You will do a complete eyeliner upper/lower procedure on a live model)

Þ    ONE HOUR: (Review and discuss your procedure)

Þ    TWO HOUR: (Color correction and removal)


DAY 2:

Þ    ONE HOUR: (Discuss day one activities and varies business ideas)

Þ    ONE HOUR: (Learn machines. Assemble and disassemble coil and rotary machines)

Þ    FOUR HOURS: (You will do a complete lip procedure lip-line and full lip color on live models) (Using both the manual and machine method).

Þ    TWO HOURS: (Learn how to do the new and exciting Eyelash Perm and Tint)

Þ    TWO HOURS: (Review, Test and Certification Certificate issued).


Educational material required to get you started

3 VIDEOS (How-To Lips, Eyebrows and Eyeliner)
50 PAGE BOOKLET: (teaches you permanent makeup technique, sterilization, insurance information, release forms, etc.)
COST: $100.00 (this acts as your deposit money for class and you can set training date). This material is to be studied before class (approx 20 hours + 18 hours in class = 40 hours training).

Educational material Total $100.00
Day one 3 procedures      Total $400.00
Day Two 3 procedures  Total $400.00



Optional costs

Single application kit      $60.00
Student kit $130.00
Pro kit    $300.00
Super pro kit (includes rotary machine) $400.00

These are optional purchases and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS with our school.

We do not charge extra for:

  1. Certification Certificate
  2. Testing or retesting
  3. Supplies used during training
  4. Before and after photos

Before and after photos will be taken of each model.  You will receive these photos at no cost to you at the end of training.

Our training program is priced so inexpensively you can afford to travel to us.

Other expenses:

Hotel: We recommend Oxford Inn and Suites: www.OxfordSuites.com

               3 months new, safe, free full breakfast, evening drinks and complementary snacks, business center (computer room), exercise room, pool and spa, walking trail, bicycle rental.  Restaurants within walking distance, major shopping mall across the street. FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE (you will not need to rent a car). Ask for E-Z Permanent Makeup Corporate rate @ $59.00 per night.  Phone number: 509.847.1000 (fax:509.847.1001). We recommend you fly in Friday night and Fly out Sunday evening, saving you money.

Transportation: We provide you with transportation to and from Salon every day.

Airline Tickets: Spokane, Washington (GEG) is the destination airport. 

Airlines that fly into are: Plan 14 days in advance for best ticket prices.

  1. Southwest: www.Southwest.com
  2. Alaska/ Horizon: www.AlaskaAirlines.com
  3. United www.United.com
  4. Delta   www.delta.com
  5. America West: www.americawest.com

I would also try for ticket prices

  1. www.Expedia.com
  2. Smarter living: http://www.smarterliving.com
  3. www.Priceline.com

If you cannot find a good ticket price directly to Spokane check fares to Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon.  Then purchase a second ticket to Spokane from there (less expensive).

Food Expense:

Hotel provides breakfast. We provide lunch. Hotel provides evening snacks.  You will just have to buy dinner.

If your life is too busy to come here. We will come to you.
Training prices $900.00 + travel expenses.
This usually is for busy people, that do not have the time to travel.

We do teach in groups for salon owners or cosmetology schools upon request.
This is not one-on-one training.

We thank you for considering E-Z Permanent Makeup for your training.  If you still have questions we have answers.

Students sometimes study the educational material and decide to:

1.      Take the E-Z Touch Permanent Makeup written test.
2.      Submit before and after photos of models they have done.
3.      Submit hand written testimonials from your models.

4.      We review the test, photos and if quality is good
5.      We will issue a certificate of completion.

These students do not practice in our facility. Please do not misunderstand nothing is better than hands-on training.

We have a large number of people that have done this and have great success, with no complaints from their customers. 

 E-Z Permanent Makeup is easy to learn and easy on the skin. And that is why we call it E-Z Touch Permanent Makeup technique.

Method of payment: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, COD, Cashier check, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Cash.

Genie Schmidt MPS
Esthetician & Art Major
Licensed since 1976
Teaching since 1996

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