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The process is done by the E-Z Touch manual method. A set of several fine single needles are dipped into a permanent pigment mixture and then applied into the skin according to the desired shape or design that is pleasing to the client having the procedure done.

This E-Z Touch manual method is very controlled, gentle and safe compared to other methods.

The fresh pigment is deposited by the needles that softly snag the skin, thereby placing color permanently into the skin. Traditional methods of tattooing use a reciprocating needle which punches color into the skin. The manual method gently lifts the skin to deposit color. As a result, there is a definite difference in the amount of pain experienced by the client. Many clients who have had the permanent make-up with the traditional tattoo machine can attest to the fact that the manual method is far gentler. Because it is gentler, the skin recovers faster. Clients have been known to go out on the town immediately after the procedure.

With the manual technique, individual hairs can be easily and artistically drawn on. The final result looks natural, soft, powdery, and subtle.

Is it safe?

Of course! The manual technique is quite safe. With each procedure, fresh pigments are used which are safe and all natural ingredients. In addition, only disposable handles, needles, brushes, pigment cups and spatulas are used. This E-Z permanent makeup system is 100% disposable. There is no chance for cross contamination. Autoclave or dry heat sterilizer are not necessary, (although the handles are autoclavable). A patch test is suggested to qualify any color changes that may take place with the undertones of an individual's skin.

The colors have earned their excellent reputation because they look so natural, which allows permanent cosmetic technician complete control in color selection. Many who have had these colors used on them said that they looked so natural that friends and family were surprised to hear that it was permanent makeup.

E-Z permanent makeup is safe, gentle, controlled and very natural. What are you waiting for?

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