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P e r m a n e n t  m a k e u p 
is in high demand

Permanent Makeup   Have you been laid off?  
Permanent Makeup Do you need to increase your income?
Permanent Makeup Are you going through some life changes?
Permanent Makeup Want to start a new career?

This may be just what you need! 

Today more than ever, women are having permanent cosmetics applied such as lip color, eyeliner and eyebrow procedures to define and enhance their appearance, reducing the time and money spent on daily beauty preparations.

Permanent Makeup trains individuals who are looking for a new career and a profitable opportunity.

This rewarding career offers satisfaction of giving clients greater self images and confidence in their appearance.

  • to master technique

  • Product support

  • Technical assistance

  • Each procedure nets $300.00 to $500.00

  • Low startup, overhead costs

  • Flexible working schedule and environment

Find out which training is right for you 

  • Hands-on at our location or yours. 

  • DVD training: learn at your own speed and on your own time. (information at bottom of this page)

Permanent Makeup   Basic "hands-on" training......

Classes are very individualized and limited to one student, one educator and one model at a time. The emphasis is on a strong basic understanding of permanent makeup and the technique used for   Permanent Makeup manual application. We also cover the use of rotary and coil machines. See our detailed Training Agreement - Click Here.

Each student learns at a different pace. Training is usually about two days, but we will not release a student until we feel that they are comfortable with the   Permanent Makeup technique and competent to perform professionally. You will be doing complete procedures on live models.  Most schools you just observe or work on a model for only a few minutes. You will receive hands-on training. We guarantee you'll complete 6 full procedures in our two day training program. See our detailed Training Agreement - Click Here

We know it is hard to find time to learn a new career.  We schedule class time to suit your busy peoples schedule. Our classes are every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Salon and business owners find this is the best time to be away from their busy shops.  We have a lot of people fly in Friday night and fly out Sunday night, or fly in Saturday night and fly out Monday night (popular with salon owners).  See our detailed Training Agreement - Click Here.

Call us or
& 509.995.5439

Class Outline

  • Implantation Technique (hands on training)
    Manual Hand Method of implanting pigment.
                 (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips)

  • You will be performing the permanent makeup procedures from beginning to the end on live models. 
          1.You will learn to apply the
    E-Z Permanent Makeup technique giving the  individual hair stroke that looks natural and beautiful (eyebrow) 
          2. E-Z Lash enhancement that can only be achieved using our wonderful precision designed needles. 
         3. You will be doing Lip liner and solid lip color  using the #24 and #48 needles. Remember E-Z Permanent Makeup is gentlest and easiest way  to implant color pigment into the skin.   

    Bonus: You will also learn  
                 1. Rotary and Coil machines and the difference. 
                 2. Color Removal and correction
                 3. Eyelash Perm  
                 4. Lash and Brow Tinting 
    We want you to completely knowledgeable technician when you leave our school.  I do not know of any other school where so much is covered. 

  • Facial Aesthetics and geometry
    Being able to decide the best for the clients needs

  • Client Consultation
    Know how to communicate with your clients.

  • Color Mixing
    Learn how  to mix the right shade for your clients.

  • Equipment and supplies 
        E-Z Manual Hand Method
       Coil Machines
    We will cover all products needed for permanent
           makeup applications. Including pigment removal, 
           eyelash  perms, lash & brow tinting

  • Marketing strategies
          Learn the best way to sell your services.

  • Business Planning
          Learn the how to plan out your business strategy to    
          turn your dreams into a successful  money making 

Average tuition for "hands-on" training $900.00 plus ($100.00 for educational material.  You will receive videos and manual for review before attending class approximately 20 hours of home study before attend class). The tuition will be due on the first day of class. See our detailed Training Agreement - Click Here.  Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, Discover, Money Order or Cash.

Traveling to our school difficult for you to do?  Let us come to you.  Call us or 509.990.0925 for more information. 
Your success means our success.  

Permanent Makeup   Permanent Makeup  
DVD training.....

Video schooling allows you the freedom to train at you own speed and on your own time. If traveling to a destination for school is not a available to you, this is a great alternative. Each video demonstrates the full procedure from beginning to the finished product. Learn and practice the manual hand technique demonstrated. Read the 60 page instructional book. Finally take the test provided when you feel confident. Return to Permanent Makeup for a Certificate of Completion. Great for beginners or skilled technicians. See our detailed Training Agreement - Click Here.

Tuition for basic video training $99.99 includes 3 video library, 50 page instruction manual, release and legal forms, insurance information, "Certificate" upon completion  (supplies sold separately) . Choose from  Practice kit, Single application Kit, Student Kit or Pro Kit or purchase items separately. See order page

Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, Discover, Money Order or cash.


Teaching the world permanent makeup one person at a time!

When work is  
life is a joy


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