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Skin art has been discovered on the skin of Egyptian mummies dating back to 2000B.C. Tools of the trade were soot, gunpowder, sharpened stones, and other primitive implements. After these mummies where unearthed evidence of the tattooing is still visible. The only method available to these people was the hand method or manual technique. Then why not continue with the same method today if it is so effective.

You will find less fading using the manual method than either the coil or the rotary machines. The reason for this is the machines push the pigment into the skin placing the color into the "Dermal" layer of the skin. The Dermal layers are where out nerve endings are located, as well as our blood cells. The blood cells have the ability to break down and absorb most foreign particles. This is where out immune system begins. Scar tissue encapsulates some of the color particles, causing them to appear lighter, while other pigment particles are absorbed by our immune system.

The E-Z manual method utilizes the "Epidermal" layer of the skin. The tool is placed on the surface of the skin, gently move the needles forward and up, the action snags the skin for a second before it releases. This snag affect allows pigment to flow into the holes. It's that E-Z. This manual method is less fading than the machine technique because you are placing the pigment into the area of the skin where the immune system CAN NOT break it down and absorb it.

Advantages to using the E-Z PERMANENT MAKEUP SYSTEM

    1. COMPLETE CONTROL, there is no deposit of color unless you lift your tool forward and up. It is almost impossible to make a mistake.
    2. No Clogging of pigments
    3. No moving parts
    4. No mechanical failures
    5. No adjustments
    6. No expensive autoclaves (this tool is 100% disposable)
    7. Minimal spattering
    8. Less pain and swelling
    9. Less recovery time
    10. No Clean up of the tool, just throw it away

The needle configuration is in a straight line. It is E-Z to create fine to heavy lines. Designing the individual hair look for the brows couldn't be any easier, each stroke looks like a perfect hair.

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